Pennsylvaanisch-Deitsche Blatznaame in Lengeschter Kaundi (Lancaster County, PA)

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Taunschips in Lengeschter Kaundi
Feil:Katzebuckel Weg 2.JPG
Katzebuckel Weeg in Lengeschter Kaundi (Pickter: Bob Bensing)

PG Blatznaame Englischer Naame Aart Taunschip Comments
Schteebruch Weeg Stone Quarry Road Street Name West Earl Pennsylvania German Street Sign already existing
Der Alt Philadelphia Weg The Old Philadadelphia Pike Street Name East Lampeter, Leacock, Salisbury
Amwegs Karich Amwake's Church (Swamp UCC) Building Name West Cocalico
Barigschtrooss ? Street Name Ephrata een Meil ost vun Effridaa, bei die Bergstrasse Lutheran Church un die Bergstrasse Elementary School
Barigschtrooss Schul Bergstrasse Elementary School Building Name Ephrata Bergstrasse Elementary School neegscht zu Effridaa - according to Jenn Trout of the Center for PG Studies (Millersville), the building is there, but it is no longer an elementary school.
Barigschtroosskarich Bergstrasse Evangelical Lutheran Church Building Name Ephrata neegscht zu Effridaa
Baumannswill Bowmansville Settlement Name Brecknock
Beckweh Grick Pequea Creek Creek Name ?
Betzischtettel Elizabethtown Settlement Name ?
Bisskatzeloch ? Place Name ? vale north of Schoeneck, N. Lanc.
Bisskatzelochwattshaus ? Building Name West Cocalico former hotel located in the Bisskatzeloch, later the location of Saul Printery
Bitzersbarig Bitzer's Hill Place Name ? east of Denver
Blohversammlinghaus ? Building Name ? Blue Meetinghouse near Kleinfeltersville
Bohrmiehl ? Building Name West Cocalico The Rifling Boring Mill
Brauneschteddel Brownstown Settlement Name East Earl
Bucherdaal Denver Settlement Name ?
Budderschtrooss Butter Road Street Name West Earl located just north of Route 23; it connects the Farmersville Road on the west to North Groffdale Road on the east
Buxbarig Laurel Hill Place Name West Cocalico
Buxschtrooss Laurel Road Street Name West Cocalico
Dachfelse Roof Rock Place Name Brecknock rock formation near Bowmansville, 1/2 mile east of the residence of Phares S. Hurst)
Dritschbarig ? Place Name ? origin uncertain; in Brunnerville-Lititz area
Druckne Fivepointville Settlement Name Brecknock
Druckne Schulhaus Fivepointville School Building Name Brecknock
Druckne Wattshaus Fivepointville Hotel Building Name Brecknock
Durlach Weg Durlach Road Street Name Clay
Eilebarig Owl Hill Place Name ? east of Kissel Hill, one mile SW of Rothsville
Fetter's Schul Fetter's School Building Name West Cocalico named for Louis Fetter, who was an elected school directer and one of the last Fraktur Schreiwer; Fetter died in the late 1920s
Felsebarig Rocky Hill Place Name North Elizabeth
Fimf Weg "Five Points" Place Name West Earl an intersection in Lancaster north of Rt. 23, where 5 roads come together. They are North Groffdale Road, Amishtown Road, Wissler Road, Fairmount Road, and Groffdale Church Road
Fortsch Barig Forge Hill Place Name North Elizabeth West of the "Schtickbarig" ist the Fortsch Barig, named for the three forges which the Hammer Creek, along its west end, operated
Die Gass ? Street Name East Cocalico part of the settlement between the two short bridges
Geierdaal Vulture Valley Place Name ? valley in the Furnace Hills of north Lancaster, so named by early settlers because of the turkey vultures in the region
Gillerie Hiwwel Killdeer Hill Place Name West Cocalico A small rise along "Die Grie Lehn", midway between Ridge Road and Swamp Church. This was a barren spot where not even weeds would grow. The killdeers would nest here. It was also known as "der Hexering")
Glappbordschtettel Wood Corner Settlement Name Clay
Glappbordschteddlerweg Wood Corner Road Street Name Clay
Graemers Miehl Kraemer's Mill, Red Run Building Name Brecknock
Der Gummere Hiwwel ? Place Name West Cocalico small knob at the east end of the ridge called "Leisey's Mountain"
Gwidderlehn Stony Lane Street Name Clay
Haahneschtettel Hahnstown Settlement Name Ephrata
Haahneschtettler Barig Hahnstown Mountain Place Name Ephrata N and NE of Hahnstown, Ephrata Twp.
Haasebarig "Rabbit Hill" = Rothsville Settlement Name Warwick
Hammer Grick Hammer Creek Creek Name Elizabeth the name comes from three forge hammers, each weighing about 500 pounds, which its impounded waters operated Upper Hopewill, Lower Hopewell and Speedwell Forge
Hansyaricks Baamgaarde Hans Jacob's Orchard Place Name ? Place on Texter's Mountain, at whose peak Lancaster, Berks and Lebanon Counties meet
Harnische Miehl Harnish's Mill Building Name West Cocalico One of the oldest mills in the township. The original mill building is now a dwelling. It stands on the east side of the intersection of Texter Mountain Road and Peartown Road. It was named for the early settler who received a land grant from the Penn Family. It was build along the Harnish Run. Harnish was one of the original members of the Swamp German Reformed congregation who helped establish the Swamp Reformed Church
Harrbarg ? Place Name ? a stopping off place in Schaefferstown
Hellschtrooss Hell Street Street Name East Cocalico/Brecknock street near Reamstown, which ran by Faust's Hatchery (also: "die Hinkelschtrooss")
Hesseschteddel near Brickerville Place Name Elizabeth at the headwaters of the Saegloch Creek; legend has it that Hessian soldiers had a settlement there, while they worked as prisoners of war at Elizabeth Furnace
Hexering The Hex Ring Place Name West Cocalico a small rise along "die Grie Lehn", also known as "der Gillerie Hiwwel"; since no grass of any kind grew there it was known as "der Hexering". Here at a certain time in March, witches would meet at midnight and play "Ring" just as the children played it in school
Hiddedeich "Hut Hollow" Place Name (?) Clay Within this ame hill (cf. Schatzeechli Barig) was the Hiddedeich named for the charcoal burners' huts
Hinkelschteddel Hinkletown Settlement Name Earl
Hinkelschtrooss (chicken street)? Street Name East Cocalico road near Reamstown toward Red Run, which ran by Faust's Hatchery (= die Hellschtrooss)
Hirschdaal Deer Valley Place Name Elizabeth north Elizabeth Twp.
Holzhackerschtadt Wood Chopper Town Settlement Name East Earl
Insching Grick Indian Run Creek Name West Cocalico It lies on the edge of the limestone belt. Here Indian Run disappears through an underground fissure to appear again above ground about a mile south in Clay Twp.
Inschingschteddel Indiantown Settlement Name West Cocalico According to local legend the last red men in the Twp. lived here unmolested after the Paxton Boys and carried out their infamous massacre
Kanneschtooge Conestoga Settlement Name ?
Kaneschtooge Rewwer Conestoga Creek Creek Name ... flows through Lancaster County
Kascheleen Cherry Lane Street name East Lampeter A road running from Rt. 30 through the village of Ronks, crossing Ronks Rd. and going a little bit beyond to a dead end
Katzebuckel Weg Cat's Back Road Street Name East Earl street which begins at the base of the "Katzebuckel", and runs north and south over the "Katzebuckel"
Katzefisch Catfish, Oregon ? Manheim ?
Katzebuckel Cat's Back Place Name East Earl hill on which the Fairmount Nursing Home is presently located
Katzeglaasloch ? Place Name (?) West Cocalico The mica mine - here mica was mined and used in the early wood stove doors. During WW II, mica was strip-mined here
Keschteschrooss Chestnut Street Street Name City of Lancaster
Kisselbarig Kissel Hill Place Name Lititz Borough now partially incorporated into the southern tip of Lititz Borough
Kleinebarig Klein Mountain Place Name West Cocalico a ridge which runs SW from Blue Lake to the Cocalico Road. Here many herbs used in folk healing grew. Here too some spook and with stories have their origin.
Lattwarickschteddel Mt. Airy Settlement Name Clay Lattwarick is apple butter (characteristic Pa. Dutch food)
Leiseysbarig Leisey's Mountain Place Name West Cocalico a ridge running east and west, once owned by the Leisey family. at the east end of the ridge is a small knob known as "Der Gummere Hiwwel"
Lengeschder (Schtadt) Lancaster Settlement Name Lancaster
Lengeschder Kaundi Lancaster County County Name
Luderloch "Carrion Hole" Place Name Elizabeth Along the Hammer Creek, at the Speedwell Stock Farms, there is a Carrion Hole, where dead animals used to be thrown, unless they were taken away by the local "Schinnerhannes"
Lutzebrick Lutz's Bridge Place Name West Cocalico This was a covered bridge spanning Swamp Creek. It was named for the land-owner Jessie Lutz and his hat factory on the east side of Swamp Creek
Mardies-Eck Martin's Corner Place Name (?) ? near Napierville
Mannem Manheim Settlement Name ? named after the rhenish city of Mannheim, Germany
Meenzerschteddel Mentzertown Settlement Name West Cocalico ... was a small group of houses where the Mentzer family resided. The land had been restricted by mutual agreement, so that no one outside of the Mentzer family could purchase land here
Melassichhiwwel Molasses Hill Place Name Leacock
Middelgrick Middle Creek Creek Name Clay / Ephrata / Warwick The Middle Creek flows out of a lake in the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Clay Twp. in northern Lancaster County and southward by Hopeland, picks up the Saegloch Run at Clay and continues south into Ephrata Twp (by the Middle Creek Church of the Brethren) and flows into the Cocalico Creek at Millway in Warwick Twp.
Miehlbacher Busch Millbach Woods Place Name N Lancaster and S Lebanon Counties (?) Millbach Woods located on the SE slope of Millbach Mountain; hiere in the 1890s camp meetings were held by the Evangelical Association. The Millbach Creek runs through the N part of these woods.
Miehlgrick Mill Creek Creek Name East Earl / Leackock / Upper Leacock / East Lampeter The Mill Creek rises in East Earl Twp. It flows from the east into the New Holland Reservoir, leaves the New Holland Reservoir and flows westward into East Earl Twp past the Summit Valley Elementary School south of the Zeltenreich Reformed Church, forming the township line between Upper Leacock and Leacock townships by Historic Mascot Mill and flows into East Lampeter Twp. and finally flows into the Conestoga River 2,5 miles south of Penn Square in Lancaster.
Millerschtadt Millersville Settlement Name Manor
Moddi Grick Muddy Creek Creek Name Brecknock The Muddy Creek rises in part in Berks County, just beyond the Lancaster County line and flows out of Brecknock Twp, Berks into Brecknock County, Lancaster, and continues to flow to the south by Bowmansville and south of Fivepointville westward past Red Run where it joins the Little Muddy Creek which rises east of Reamstown. The Little Muddy Creek also rises in Brecknock Twp, Berks and flows through Adamstown south under the turnpike. That is the branch that comes down from the north from Brecknock Twp, Berks and eventually joins the eastern branch of the Muddy Creek at Red Run from whence the main body of the Muddy Creek flows west and south into the Conestoga Creek at Hinkletown
Moddi Grick Muddy Creek Folk Region Place Name East Cocalico The vicinity of the old Muddy Creek Church and schoolhouse, no longer standing.
Moddi Grick ??? Place Name Brecknock area from Terre Hill N to Berks County watershed of the Muddy Creek
Molassichhiwwel Molasses Hill Place Name Leacock A hill on the Old Philadelphia Pike, 0,25 mile west of Weavertown, near Kauffman's Fruit Farm, which got its name when a teamster was hauling molasses on a Conestoga wagon. Suddenly the end gate opened and a barrel rolled down the hill and broke. The molasses ran down the hill. At that time the hill was short and steep. The hill, today is reduced to an include due to the construction of Rt. 340.
Nei Effredaa Lincoln Settlement Name Ephrata now incorporated into Ephrata
Nei Holland (formerly: Seischwamm) New Holland Settlement Earl in the 18th century, the settlement was called "Seischwamm"
Paschingweg Peach Road Street Name West Earl
Pedersheim Hiwwel Petersheim Hill Place Name Ephrata 1 mile NE of Akron
Pedersweg Peter's Road Street Name Earl (?) a colonial road which runs between Route 23 and Route 340, the Old Philadelphia Pike - leading from the Conestoga to Pequea
Peik Route 23 Street Name ?
Petzdeich Pinch Valley Place Name West Cocalico It is located at the north end of Peartown Road where it runs along the valley floor. Very steep hills on either side look as if someone had pinched two huge masses of mountain together. William Hershey, Sr. named this place when he was milling at Harnish Mill. This name was given in the early 1870s.
Raddeschteddel "Rat Town" Settlement Name West Cocalico / East Cocalico A section of Stevens, where at one time many poor structures and trailers were located. It was claimed to be infested with rats due to poor sanitation and rubbish.
Reinholds Steeschen Reinholds Station Settlement Name West Cocalico Reinholds became a small village when the Reading and Columbia Railroad was completed in 1863.
Rescheschtrooss Resh Road Street Name West Cocalico Named for Uriah and Leah Resh, brother and sister. Uriah was a Civil War veteran.
Riemeschteddel Reamstown Settlement Name East Cocalico
Rotkuh "Red Cow" Settlement Name Brecknock an old breed of cow; Birthplace of Prof. C. Richard Beam, director of the center for Pennsylvania German Studies
Saegloch (1) Saegloch Run Creek Name Elizabeth / Clay The Seglock Run, which runs from north to south and forms the border between Elizabeth and Clay Twps. - it flows into the Furnace Run. The ravine immediately east of the "Schtickbarig" was called the Saegloch named for the sawmill which was there at one time.
Saegloch (2) Saegloch Creek Creek Name Clay flows through "Yammerdaal" in northern Lancaster County
Sandhiwwel Sand Hill Place Name West Cocalico a hill NW of Schoeneck. It was named for the red fertile sandy soil. It was known as the best soil in the township to raise watermelons.
Saudersbarig Soudersburg Settlement Name ? a small village on Rt. 30
Scharicke Greizweg Shirk's Crossroads Place Name West Cocalico Because the Shirk family owned the land on the four corners of this crossroads, it became known as Shirk's Crossroads
Schenke Miehl Shenk's Mill Building Name West Cocalico The mill is no longer standing. It was a flour mill and served most of the upper Cocalico Valley. The large mill dam was fed by the sources of the Cocalico Creek. A beautiful two-story sandstone dwelling was built by Hans Bricker, brother of Peter Bricker, who founded Brickerville. Here stood a rare tile-roofed backoven built over a spring. The property came into the Shenk family after the death of Hans Bricker. Elias Shenk owned and operated the mill around 1900. This mill and house stand on the east edge of the PA Game Commission lands originally known as Project 70, a recreational and water fowl propagating area.
Schlangebuckel "Snake Hill" Place Name Upper Leacock a hill located along Snake Hill road, north of Route 23
Schleifmiehlhiwwel Grinding Mill Hill Place Name West Cocalico On top of the hill to the right of Mill Road across the former Reading Railroad tracks heading north from Ridge Road in West Cocalico Twp. Here stood an early 18th century gun mill. Folk tales tell of a series of three gun mills along the Swamp Creek, now known as the Little Cocalico Creek. This was the east most mill. Here the iron stock used in making the gun barrels was ground smooth on the outside. A water impounding dam furnished energy for this mill. the rifles were used for the Continental Army. Later this mill was used by Benias Brendel, the grandfather of John Brendel, as a cooper's shop. coopering was done here from 1880-1890. Benias used the water power to run his stave saw and other power tools. In a few hours the water power was used up. During heavy rains it could be used longer. SO this mill was known as "Die Gwidder Miehl", the "Thunderstorm Mill".
Schleifschteeloch "Grindstone Hole" Place Name ? a hollow near Mt. Airy
Schneppegrick (Snipper Creek?) Settlement Name / Street Name ? 1) small town near Groffdale; 2) Snipper Road
Schnokeschteddel "Gnat City" Street Name West Cocalico a short stretch of Peartown Road, south of Rt. 897 before it passes Blue Lake; on summer evenings just at sunset there were many swarms of gnats dancing above the swamp; named by Wm. Hershey, Sr.)
Schoeneck Schoeneck Settlement Name West Cocalico Local legend has it that the Shirk family began this community with a store and a hotel. One day an old German beggar caome into the community. He sat at the corner of the crossroads and remarked, "Das is ein schönes Eck!". And from then on it was called "Es schön Eck", later shortened to "Schoeneck". Another version reports that back in Germany the Shirk family came from a village by the name of Schöneck in a similar setting.
Schpringwill Springville Settlement Name 1) Ephrata Twp; 2) Salisbury Twp (two different settlements)
Schteemetze Miedin un Begraebnis Steinmetz Meetinghouse and Cemetery Building Name / Place Name West Cocalico This was originally a Church of the Brethren meetinghouse and had been built on land donated by the Steinmetz family
Schteebarig Stone Hill Place Name Brecknock where Rt. 897 crosses the PA Turnpike
Schtickbarig Cannon Hill Place Name ? N or Brickerville, named for the salute gun which Baron Stiegel laced on a tower on its top to welcome him as he approached his nearby mansion in coach and four with outriders
Schtraasebarig/Schtrassbarig Strasburg Settlement Name Strasburg Twp
Schuleweeg School Road Street Name West Earl
Schuppe Miehl Shupp's Mill Building Name Brecknock Shupp's Mill, Muddy Creek
Schwamm Swamp Place Name Clay no further information given
Schwammer Karich Swamp Church U.C.C. Building Name West Cocalico Blainsport
Schwatzeechli Barig Black Oak Ridge Place Name Clay The long hill est of the Saegloch was called the "Schwatzeechli Barig", named for the dominance of black oak.
Schwatzwill Swartzville Settlement Name East Cocalico NE Lancaster County, S of Adamstown
Schweiz Switzerland Place Name (?) Brecknock 5 miles north of Bowmansville
Schwoweschteddel "Suabian Town" Settlement Name east end of Hinkletown So called because of preponderance of Suabians at one time.
Sei Barig "Hog Mountain" Place Name West Cocalico Located on the outskirts of Schoeneck along Cocalico Road this hill had many oak trees. Residents of this area permitted their hogs to run free to feed on the acorns. When the first snow fell, there was a mass roundup of the hogs, which usually ended up with a hoe-down danke at one of the farms.
Seischwamm "Hog Swamp" 1) Settlement Name / 2) Place Name ? 1) early name for New Holland; 2) former swampy area north of New Holland
Silwerbarig Silver Hill Place Name Brecknock
Sunnebarig Sun Hill Settlement Name (?) Penn located several miles SE of Mannheim, consisted of a store and a few dwellings
Texderbarig Texter's Mountain Place Name West Cocalico
Traempe-Bischli "The tramps' grove" Place Name West Cocalico It was a small stand of trees at the N end of the Jessie Lutz farm along the Reading Railroad. Here the railroad tramps erected shelters and camped between trains.
Walniss Schtrooss Walnut Street Street Name Lancaster City
Wassergass "Water Street" ? ? section of the highway in Vera Crus, Lancaster
Wasserschtrooss Waterstreet Street Name ? Bowmansville
Weewerschteddel Weavertown Settlement Name ? a small hamlet in Lancaster County
Weidmannswill Weidmansville Settlement Name ?
Weisseechli Barig White Oak Hill Place Name Elizabeth West of the "Forge Barig" is the "Weisseechli Barig", a long hill with a dominance of white oaks
Weiss Gaul White Horse ? Salisbury
Welshbarig Welsh Mountains Place Names ?
Welschhinkeldeich Turkey Ravine Place Name Elizabeth named for the wild turkey
Wewerdaal Weaverland Settlement Name (?) ?
Wewerschteddel Weavertown Settlement Name Leacock Location of Weavertown Amish-Mennonite meetinghouse
Wissedaal Meadow Valley Place Name Ephrata (?) by Ephrata
Wittweiwerschteddel "Widow Town" Place Name ? The upper end of west High Street in Manheim. The area was called so in 1887, when Mrs. Kready came to live in Manheim. So called because it was occupied primarily by widows and spinsters. The name lasted until ca. 1925, when the open area between Manheim and Wittweiwerschteddel had been built up.
Wollepe Hiwwel Wollups Hill Place Name West Cocalico The hill was named for George Wollup, who owned the hill land.
Yammerdaal "Vale of Tears or Weeping" Place Name Clay northern Lancaster County
Groofedaal Groffdale Settlement Name West Earl early Mennonite settlement south of the Katzebuckel; Groofedaal was named after Hans Groff. In Groofedaal are located two Mennonite meetinghouses, on the Lancaster Mennonite Conference, and the OOM meetinghouse in which the Groffdale Conference and the Weaverland Conference congregations meet on alternate Sundays. The OOM meetinghouse lies 1 km to the west of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference meetinghouse.
Aadlerkopp "Eagle Head" Place Name North Elizabeth On the "Fortsch Barig" is the "Aadlerkopp", a rock promontory named, probably erroneously, for the bald eagle.
Addemschteddel Adamstown Settlement Name ?
Der alt Weg The Old Philadelphia Pike Street Name ? beginning in Lancaster County, and extending to Philadelhia
Amschderdamm Amsterdam Settlement Name ? near New Holland
Schwamm Swamp U.C.C. Building Name West Cocalico in Blainsport

Feil:Schteebruch Weg.jpg
Schteebruch Weg in Lengeschter Kaundi (Pickter: Michael Werner)
Feil:Tschenni mit Blatznaame Schilder.jpg
Jennifer Trout vum "Center for Pennsylvania German Studies" in Millersville mit deel pennsylvaanisch-deitsche Blatznaame Schilder fer Lengeschter Kaundi (Pickter: C. Richard Beam)
Feil:Peach road.jpg
Pasching Weeg (Pickter: Jenn Trout)
Schul Weg