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Susquehannock in Amerkiaa

Die Susquehannock odder die Conestoga waare eens vun de Erschde Nations, ass glebt henn in was nau Pennsilfaani iss. Sie henn in Lengeschder Kaundi unn newich em Susquehanna Rewwer gwuhnt. Sie waare Insche. Deel vun ihre Descendants (Noochkummerschaft) lewe noch heit awwer wie Mitglieder in annere Nations. Sell iss cause deel vun'ne in annere Tribes gange sinn. Selli wu in Lengeschder Kaundi unnich ihre eegni Leit bleiwe henn welle, waare dotgmacht in Lengeschder Kaundi in 1763 (all except zwee).

It is known that there was a settlement or village of Indians on the farms now owned by..., located northwest of Churchtown...Another settlement or village was under the brow of Maxwell's Hill, between Churchtown and Morgantown, which sloped down to the Conestoga. The place afterwards became part of the farm of David Jenkins... The farm is now owned by... whether the Indians emigrated elsewhere or died off gradually no one seems to have noted (Mast & Simpson, 1942 : 5).
  • Mast, C. Z. unn Robt. E. Simpson (1942) Annals of the Conestoga Valley in Lancaster, Berks, and Chester Counties, Pennsylvania, Scottdale, Pennsilfaani: Mennonite Publishing House, 689 pages.

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