Pennsylvaanisch-Deitsche Blatznaame in Yarick Kaundi (York County, PA)

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  • Buchskopp (a hill in south York County on Snyder Mill Road)
  • Deifelsloch (Devil's Hole; name of each of two hollows, one about 1 and 1/2 mile SE and one about 3 miles west of East Prospect)
  • Greizgrick (Kreutz Creek)
  • Greizgrickdaal (Kreutz Creek Valley)
  • Holtzschwamm ("wood swamp", an area in Paradise Twp.)
  • Hundsrick (the highest point in all of York County, Codorus Twp.)
  • Kanneweego (Conewago Creek; this creek is the boundary line between York and Adams counties)
  • Kodorus Grick (Codorus Creek; it rises in southern York County in New Freedom and flows generally north and west through Codorus Twp. and Seven Valleys and through the city of York and between Springettsbury and East Manchester Twps. into the Susquehanna at Riverview)
  • Naefferschteddel (New Salem, North Codorus Twp, just southwest of York)
  • Schnitzdeich (Snitz Hollow, Hellam Twp)
  • Schnokeschteddel (Gnatstown, located near Hanover, Paradise Twp)
  • Schtowerschteddel (Stauffertown)
  • Schtraasbarig (Shrewsbury, Shrewbury Twp, southern York)
  • Yarrick (York, the capital of the county)