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Pennsylvaanisch-Deitsche Blatznaame in Schulkill Kaundi (Schuylkill County, PA)

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  • Aschland (Ashland)
  • Beintgroof (Pine Grove)
  • Beind Busch (Pine Grove)
  • Mahoning Barig (Mahoning Mountain; the mountain extends from West Penn Twp. south of the Mahoning Creek into Mahoning Twp, Carbon, PA, and terminates just below Lehighton before it reaches the Lehigh River)
  • Mahoning Grick (Mahoning Creek; the creek rises in West Penn Twp - 4 miles south of Tamaqua - and it flows generally northeast through farmland and several municipalities, West Penn Twp., Mahoning Twp. and Lehighton; it flows into the Lehigh River between Lehighton and Weissport in Carbon County)
  • Peintgroof (Pine Grove)
  • Pilgers Ruh ("Pilgrim's Rest" - on Route 501 between Pine Grove and Bethel)
  • Pottswill (Pottsville)
  • Schmalzdaal ("Lard Valley", East Brunswick Twp; a valley running from east to west and north of State Game Lands Number 222)
  • Schullkillkaundidaal (Schuylkill County Vaelley)
  • Aschland (Ashland)