Pennsylvaanisch-Deitsche Blatznaame in Holmes Kaundi (Holmes County, OH)

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  • Gwunnersloch (Troyer's Hollow, Mechanic Twp., also: "Daudi")
  • Nei Schweiz ("New Switzerland", area situated in the triangle drawn by lines from Charm to Walnut Creek, and Berlin, back to Charm in SE Holmes County, where the pioneer settlers were immigrants from Switzerland)* Paapaa Graawe (ravine 1/4 mile west of Beck's Mills, where since pioneer days the only paw-paw trees in the area have grown)
  • Penschen Hiwwel ("Penion Hill", the high hill imediately east of Beck's Mills. During the decades before and following 1900 John Scherer lived on top of the hill. About 40 rods down the hill on the south side lived Noah Schweitzer. Both men were Civil War veterans, late draftees, and were said never to have seen the front line or battle. They were great talkers regarding their experiences. Coth received a Civil War pension, hence the name.)
  • Weinsbeig (Winesburg)