Jacob Weber

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Der Jacob B. Weber (1844-1915) waar en zerickghaldener (conservative-minded) mennischder Bischof in Juniata Kaundi, Pennsilfaani.

En Quote vun em Jacob B. Weber
"I profess there is nothing in the language, but in that what arises through it. If the English would lead to humility in place of pride, I would support it. But where is our Mennonite Church since the English has so much influence and power that the dutch must knuckle under and if they don't they are despised and forsaken?
(Weiler (aus Amos B. Hoover (1982)The Jonas Martin Era Persented in a Collection of Essays, Letters and Documents that Shed Light on the Mennonite Churches During the 50 Year Ministry of Jonas H. Martin, Denver, Pennsilfaani: Schreiwer, p. 510), 1993:6)."


Weiler, Lloyd M. (1993) An Introduction to Old Order Mennonite Origins in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: 1893-1993, Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, Vol. 16, No. 4.