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This is why I said the infobox is unflexible, in South Africa they don't have 'states' they have provinces (also like Canada!), and also the new pretoria infobox has a large space inbetween the title and image, while in Johannesburg, there is now a huge empty hole with a heading wappe. Can I also have some reference of where Wappe came from please? :) --Africa South 16:17, 18. Apr. 2009 (UTC)

Furthermore, Gauteng (the province) doesn't have a flag, it has a wappe(n) and I think we need to remove the border.--Africa South 16:18, 18. Apr. 2009 (UTC)

Also I have seen in Vancouver that the flag is in a rather strange position. --Africa South 16:21, 18. Apr. 2009 (UTC)

Hello Africa South, Why don't you use the talk page of the infobox since the problem is related to the infobox? However, I have removed the CoA of Gauteng since they do not seem to have one. I am sorry to have inserted it. The CoA for Pretoria was on afwiki. Perhaps the information there is wrong, too. I don't see strange postions of anything in Vancouver? Perhaps it is a problem related to the browser. Maybe Xqt has an idea. I have made an adjustment to the infobox to help the cause. Best regards. --Marbot 17:46, 18. Apr. 2009 (UTC)

→ see here

I will move to disscussing this on the actual vorlage, but first I would like to say that the Gauteng CoA is correct, but the Pretoria might be out-of-date by now because the ANC has probably changed it by now.--Africa South 18:23, 18. Apr. 2009 (UTC)
I decided to add the two nicknames, for a later reference to Gauteng as the land of gold. Also tried to touch on the political and economic importance as best as I could. ClassJihad --(Diskussion) 21:01, 30. Abr. 2020 (EDT)