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I am trying to expand the article, and does anyone know how to say 'the land borders'? Africa South 07:44, 11. Nov. 2008 (UTC)

Title[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Sould we not spell it Sautafrikaa (or with any other form of "south" that is more correct - but with the name written as one word)? Because I believe it may be the same as in German where it's spelled Suedafrika, so my guess would be Sautafrikaa in this case.Adriaan90 16:20, 31. Moi 2009 (UTC)

Hello Adriaan90, for the time being I would leave it as it is, i. e. Saut Amerikaa is written in two words though in German it would only be one word. Best regards --Marbot 16:52, 31. Moi 2009 (UTC)
I must agree with both of you. This is a language with many different dialects due to isolation between the different Deitsch groups. I would seriously like to discuss more if 'Saut' is actually South? And in Adriaan's case, I would like to say that the Deitsch speakers are/were very heavily influenced by English - therefore probabley taking on the English format. However, I am not against your case Adriaan, and I even made the stupid early 'mistake' of calling it Saut-Afrikaa. Best Regards to you both :) Africa South 15:04, 4. Jun. 2009 (UTC)