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Why have all Bunds been changed to Georgraphy - Geography is english isn't it? Or is it also acceptable in Deitsch? --Africa South 08:35, 8. Apr. 2009 (UTC)

Hello Africa South, actually, I do not know what Bund means. I changed it to Geography since it is more precisely describing the content of the maps. Hopefully it is acceptable. However Dischdel created a category of the name. Best regards --Marbot 08:30, 9. Apr. 2009 (UTC)
Can we please revert back to the original infobooxs? This one used is too unflexible and I don't like all the red links.--Africa South 08:30, 11. Apr. 2009 (UTC)
Hello Africa South, I moved your talk to this place since it is not solely related to Napols. Regards --Marbot 12:03, 14. Apr. 2009 (UTC)